About HiyaHiya Direct

HiyaHiya Direct is the new, dynamic online store, offering the full-range of the prestigious knitting and crochet brand, HiyaHiya. The store has been formed with the knitter in mind, offering the fastest and most direct way to get HiyaHiya products to your door. We regularly have offers and special announcements, with important news relevant to every HiyaHiya knitter. To keep up-to-date with HiyaHiya Direct and to be eligible for special offers, you can sign up as a member. If you’re not quite ready to sign up and enjoy the benefits of membership, you can still purchase as a guest user and enjoy knitting with your favourite brand in next to no time.

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HiyaHiya Reviews

I have 4 sets of the 9” circulars in different sizes and they’re amazing. 3 bamboo (normally I really dislike anything but metal needles) and one sharp. I recommend them to anyone who wants to try knitting on 9” circulars.

Chantal, USA

Great and cute tools for knitters!

Catherine Lewin, Belgium

I love my sharp interchangeables! Best knitting needles on the planet!

Stephanie Carey Little, UK

I am just so in love with this beautiful DPN case from HiyaHiya.

Jacqueline Carvell, UK

I have a set of the interchangeable needles, and the nine inch sock circulars and some eleven and twelve inch fixed circulars. They come in a gorgeous satin brocade cases. I love them! When you see me knitting with metal needles, this is the brand I am using.

Rebecca Wiloughby, USA