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30 Knitting Gifts to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day

The sweetest month of the year is here! May be now you’re searching for a perfect handmade gift for her or him on Valentine’s Day. Why not knit or crochet your sweetheart something special this year? This is a time to show your loved one how much they mean to you by the time you spend knitting for them. Select from our gift pattern ideas to say I love you today, and happy Valentine’s Day!



Valentine’s Day is perfect time to show your love. At the same time, you could also show off your knitting craft to HIM. Check out this list of 10 completely adorable knitted Valentine’s Day projects. HE will be glad to received them. Select from our favourite Valentine’s Day knitting gifts and start sharing the love today!


①Men’s Basic Beanie with options (by Jenni Catavu). ②Waffle Stitch Thermal Scarf (by Lion Brand Yarn). ③Tunisian Monotone Sweater (by Pierrot from Gosyo Co., Ltd) . ④Mens Fingerless Gloves (by Jessica A Chong) .  ⑤Casual Necktie(by Pierrot).   ⑥Men’s Vintage Golf Hat (by Katy Petersen) .  ⑦Moccasin Slippers, Knit Crochet Slippers (by Natalya1905) . ⑧Men’s Winter Scarf(by GoldenLucyCrafts) .  ⑨Men’s Sock ( by Violet Green) . ⑩Men’s Thermal Fingerless Gloves (by Mary Onorati) .




Here, from a frame to hat, these free knitting patterns for Valentine’s Day are quick and easy for HER. You’ll find your favourite knitting patterns perfect for this Valentine’s Day from this collection. You could also make a surprise as they do.




①Lovely Linen Frame(by Kim Firth)   ②Decorative Hair Pin (by The Spool Cotton Company)  ③Knitting Scarf (by Jessica Woofter)   ④Flower Lace (by Weldons)  ⑤Stepping Texture Hat (by Bernat Design Studio)   ⑥Lips Hair Clip (by Nuria Pastor)   ⑦Valentine’s Heart Applique (by Veronika Cromwell)   ⑧Knitting Cup Cozy (by Bernat Design Studio) ⑨Valentine Envelopes (by Lion Brand Yarn)  ⑩ Crochet Box of Chocolates (by Tanya Eberhardt)



Kids will appreciate these knitting gift just as much as the adults. Especially the knitted toys and accessories! There’s no one way to tell someone you love them. However,  it’s so much more personal when you put some real time and effort into your gift.




① Coastal Stripe Pullover (by Lion Brand Yarn). ② Bracelet (by Annemarie Benthem). ③Cupcakes Crochet Beanie(by Yarnspirations Design Studio) .  ④ Mini Hair Bow (by Dorkably Designed)   ⑤Crochet Bear Feet Slipper Socks (by Yarnspirations Design Studio) ⑥Hair Snap Clip “Hat” and Flower( by Tanya Shliazhko)  ⑦ Felted sweater baby shoes I – boy or girl (by May DeMorris).  ⑧Baby Whoghan(by Sandra Petit).  ⑨Patrick the Pumpkin Boy (by Lion Brand Yarn) ⑩Doggie shoes (by Mariana Wunderlich).


These free knitting patterns for Valentines Day are the perfect unique way to show your family and friends how much you care about them with knitted gifts. In addition, if you would like to get these designs, scroll down the page to the individual item you want and click on the link to that pattern. You could also find HiyaHiya knitting and crochet needles by clicking Here. We hope this has given you lots of inspiration for this Valentine’s Day knitting and crochet gifts!