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Culture Crochets for Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year (新年快乐)from HiyaHiya Direct! Of all the traditional Chinese festivals, the new Year is the most elaborate, colourful, and important. Still, this was a time for the Chinese to congratulate each other and welcome in  the new year. If you are preparing to attend the Chinese New Year events in London or travel to China, there are 7 crochet pattern, follow them for a better understanding of the Chinese culture and a memorable celebrations for the Chinese New Year.


Pig crochet hat

Chinese New Year marks the turn of the lunar year, and in this year, and there are 12 zodiac animals and in 2019, the lunar calendar sees the arrival of the Year of the Pig. The pig is the twelfth zodiac animal. In Chinese culture, pigs have a beautiful personality and are blessed with good fortune in life. Also, there is pretty pig crochet hat, and the designer is Sarah Zimmerman. The buttonhole eyes can be made bigger by stretching the opening. All that is missing from this pig hat is a curly tail; you could easily make this crochet by casting on 12in 930cm) of stitches onto the larger needle and casting off the stitches firmly with a smaller needle.



Chinese lantern crochet

Lanterns (“Denglong” in Mandarin) are typical festival decorations in Chinese culture, and they can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. Lanterns are of various shapes and sizes (traditional globes, fish, dragons, goats, and also could be seen everywhere including households, shopping malls, parks, and streets, attracting numerous viewers. Children may hold small lanterns while walking the streets). We have found a Chinese lantern crochet pattern for you. This Lantern pattern comes in 2 shapes, round and long. It is a quick project to crochet and you can easily whip up a few of them in a day. The Chinese Lanterns are perfect ornament to boost up the good fortune in your house.



Crochet chopstick case

If you want to enjoy Chinese New Year, order a whole chicken dish and fish dish: the whole chicken dish means “happiness for the whole family” and the fish dish means “may there be surpluses every year”. Especially, if you try to use chopsticks when you have theses delicious Chinese dishes, why not crochet an easy chopstick covers to carry a pair of chopsticks with you wherever you go?  Also, we find a chopstick crochet case for you, and the designer is Jennifer Popham.

This is a simple custom fit pattern where an occasional increase is done as the chopsticks become wider. Throughout the project place the chopsticks in the holder to determine when you should start increasing. What is more important, it is  quick & easy & does a great job of keep those chopsticks clean!



Chinese Red crochet wrap

To bring good luck to your year, Chinese tradition dictates that you should buy something red for yourself or your house. London’s Chinatown is a fantastic place for authentic Chinese shopping. Paper-cut window grilles, lanterns and pig toys are all ideal decorations to have for celebrating Chinese New Year and bringing good luck. This red wrap will accompany you to any occasion, from going to a dance or dinner to a stroll in the park. Crocheted with two strands held together, it can be made quickly. It’s perfect for gift giving, too!


Chinese Opera Mask

New Year masks that are seen during the New Year season is excursively meant and used in that particular time only. Unlike the Chinese Opera masks, the Masks that are used during the New year portray the feelings and emotions of sheer joy and happiness of welcoming the new year and bidding fare well to the old year. We have also chose two examples which are neat, and converted them for colour work knitting.
The designer of these two masks is brella. They are originally integrated into a hot water bottle cover. Obviously, one can use these charts to adorn other objects such as bags, pullovers, etc. For that reason, no specific pattern, yarn, needles or gauge are specified.



Chinese Luck crochet

In Chinese culture, one of the most widely seen Chinese characters in China is 福 fú the character for good fortune or luck. You see it painted as a decoration everywhere: on wind chimes, paintings, lanterns, pots and posters. Particularly, in the Chinese New Year, people will give this best wish to each other. Here is a crochet with  luck design; pattern is charted and written. It can be used for dishcloths and for double knit as well, and it will make nice potholder or patch for a blanket.



Chinese New Year Plum Blossom Cosy

The plum blossom is a beautiful flower from the Chinese plum tree. It is in bloom during the Chinese New Year. The designer , Yarn Twins, said her inspiration for this beautiful jar cosy crochet is just Chinese plum blossom. Besides, the designer’s colour selection is great. Especially,  the red cosy captures the vibrant colours found at Chinese New Year’s decorations.


Still, if you would like to get these crochets, scroll down the page to the individual pattern and click on the link to that pattern, and you could also Find HiyaHiya knitting needles to knit by clicking Here. We hope this has given you lots of inspiration for some speedy gift knits!

Happy Chinese New Year (新年快乐)again!