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Find the Perfect Pattern to Celebrate Easter

Find the perfect pattern to celebrate Easter – we have selected knitting and crochet patterns to make chicks, bunnies, daffodils and more for you to enjoy.

By Kati Galusz

Easily recognisable by their typical colour pattern, Dutch rabbits were once the most popular pet breed. This cute Dutch crochet rabbit by Kati Galusz is an advanced level pattern. Multiple colour changes are necessary to make the typical Dutch markings, which (coupled with realistic shaping).

You could use any yarn weight for these bunnies as long as you choose a fitting hook, it will only influence the finished size. The example rabbit pictured is made with DK yarn and 3mm hook, they are about 8” long and 6” tall to the tip of the ears. We thought this lovely design would make a wonderful Easter project and also a design to suit all year round.


By June Gilbank

The daffodil is a symbol of rebirth – a sign of the new beginnings that come with spring and often found connected with Easter because of their new birth significance.

Crochet your own daffodils – perfect for Easter and Spring! Make a bouquet of yarn flowers, or try one in thread as a beautiful pin or accessory. The pattern by June Gilbank includes two different designs for petals and centres, therefore allowing you to mix and match colours and designs to create your own custom bouquet!

By Barbara Prime

The story of the Easter Bunny is thought to have become common in the 19th Century. Rabbits usually give birth to a big litter of babies hence they became a symbol of new life.

Why not knit a Well Dressed Bunny this Easter. The pattern is by Barbara Prime which includes instructions for short and floppy ears, and three outfits: pinafore dress, vest and jacket, and hoodie. A beautiful hand made gift for family and friends.

By Kara at Petals to Picots

This Easter egg cosy crochet collection pattern by Kara at Petals to Picots is a cute way to show off your Easter eggs. They work up so quickly therefore you can easily make a bunch. And since you only need a small amount of yarn per cosy, they make a great scrapbuster project too! Kara’s favourite thing to do is use them as place setting markers for her Easter table. As a result a pretty and colourful Spring touch!

By Christine Grant

For these Baby Easter Chicks different kinds and colour of yarns are used, hence each takes on a unique character as can be seen here. On average they measure 6 inches high and 4 inches long. They are quick and easy to make and are perfect for using up all of your old oddments. The Baby Easter Chicks knitting pattern by Christine Grant provides full details of how to knit and make up these tiny baby chicks.

By Anna Travis

Rabbits nibble. Rabbits snuggle. They have big ears and they don’t talk much, so they are very good listeners. What kid wouldn’t want someone that hangs on their every word? A perfect forever gift!

The ALSAP Rabbit by Anna Travis is worked in the round, using the magic loop knitting technique, adding tails and limbs as you go to make your rabbit stronger  therefore making your life easier. You will have to do a bit of sewing: two French knots for the eyes, a bit for the nose, stitching down two ears and then attaching the head and tail to the body.

By Teena Sutton Murphy

This cute crochet Easter Basket by Teena Sutton Murphy is a great versatile Easter present. Place your Easter gifts such as muffins, chocolate and eggs into the basket to make up a beautiful presentation. Even more, how about adding a small potted plant such as primrose?

By Morgunova Olga

This is a pattern by Morgunova Olga is especially for Easter decoration. It will look great on your seasonal table, as home decoration. The wings and head can move. The finished Easter Vintage Grey Goose is approximately 11,8 inches (30 cm) tall. The finished White goose is approximately 14,17 inches (36 cm) tall. The toys are knitted in the round and therefore recommended for advanced beginner knitters.

By Anita Schaeder

This pattern by Anita Schaeder shows how to make small daffodils. The daffodil is so cute and small it can be used for a jewellery project. Alternatively, why not make them in a little coarse yarn and scatter the flowers on the dining table at Easter?

By Faima Othman

Cute and easy-to-do Easter crochet egg covers for your home decoration. The pattern by Faima Othman includes instructions for rabbits and owl and extra one flower egg cosy. You will need hook G (4mm) and light worsted weight yarn. Why not make one for each family member therefore creating a full table decoration.

By CrochetDreamz

This is an easy peasy pattern by Crochet Dreamz and just in time for Easter. The Easter Bunny Basket pattern is worked using a H hook and can be finished in less than 2 hours. It is made by just a single strand of worsted weight yarn. The design is compact, therefore it holds its shape quite well.  Once the basket is made add on the features of the bunny to suite your style and design. You can even consider adding a pompom to the back as its tail. Enjoy the free pattern!

By Sara Elizabeth Kellner

The knitted Vintage Rabbit by Sara Elizabeth Kellner has a classic look reminiscent of the velveteen rabbit. The design is a Patons pattern, maybe dated back to the 1940’s or 50’s and now shown modified. He stands 15” tall – the perfect size for a child’s best friend, an Easter gift or even more your very own knitting companion! Pieces are knitted separately, then seamed together.


We at HiyaHiya Direct wish you a very Happy Easter and above all some time to knit and crochet!


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