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Hand Knitted Crop Top Patterns For This Summer

Hand knitted crop top is a great addition to any wardrobe for the warmer months. Especially, it doesn’t require much yarn, fast project and it’s very easy to make. In this week’s collection, you will find the most popular patterns for hand knitted crop tops.





Blake Crop Top

Do you plan to knit something sexy? The Blake Crop Top is good choice for going out in or sitting down for a nice dinner. It pairs well with what is in style now – jeans, a skirt, or shorts!  Moreover,  a piece necklace or earrings are also perfect addition with it. Besides, it is a advanced beginner pattern.






The Mermaid Crop Top

The Mermaid Crop Top is the perfect crop top to complement any summer dress or your favourite camisole! It also is fantastic as a sexy stand alone piece! The Mermaid Crop Top falls a few inches below the waist for flattering coverage. It has the beauty of The Mermaid Top with half the time and yardage! This pattern is for sizes XS (S, M, L, XL).







Callie Crop Top

This top features a drop sleeve style, scoop neck design and a cropped fit. Pattern consists of a front and back panel seamed together at the shoulders, and the sleeves are worked by picking up stitches at the outer edges.  Thus, this stylish top will keep you warm and looking fabulous all summer. In the simple knit piece as this one, yarn will play the main role.






Kiss Knitted Crop Top

This crop top is perfect for spring and summer which featuring a big kiss on the front. Again, this adorable, flirty, on trend cropped top is great for summer. Additionally,  it can be worn over tank top or long sleeve shirt. The pink crop in photo is size medium knit with an extra inch added to length.







Shades of Grey Crop Top

Do you need an easy pattern for your new crop top? Good news – you’ve just found it! This delicate and sexy top is the perfect choice for many different occasions. Besides, it is also a unique design that will never go out of style! You can knit this stunning lace summer cropped top for yourself or as a gift for your loved one!
Unique designs for unique women!







Cropped Lace Tee

This crop top is super cute and modest, still being classy and elegant. The lace top detailing in this piece makes it more breathable even though it is made with wool. Additionally, the bottom has a scalloped edge and the neckline is a gentle slope. The Designer of this pretty project is Annie Lupton of Boho Chic Fiber Co.







Zach’s Bay Crop Top

This beautiful crop top is perfect for hot summer days. The design is straightforward and simple, at the same time, very elegant! It would make a lovely gift or even a great piece for your own fashion wardrobe. The Key to this crop is the summer pattern of your dreams!

Again, it can be knit in any colour and is best made with cotton yarn. And, you can wear it to the beach, festivals, picnics, or exploring the outdoors.




These crop tops are the perfect knitted patterns in this season. You can just scroll down the page to the individual pattern you like and click on the link to that pattern. Particularly, now  is the perfect time to have your favourite HiyaHiya Interchangeable set!

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