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Handmade Gift For Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day will be here next weekend! For this Father’s Day treat your dad to something special gift with handmade knitting or crochet projects to show your Dad how much you love and appreciate him. If you are unsure about the project and pattern for him, this week’s wide selection of simple patterns for men offers a variety of special handmade gifts for this Father’s Day.



Men’s Vintage Golf Hat

Treat your favorite gentleman to a unique gift. What a fun gift to give him for Father’s Day! This hat is perfect for the golf course or for a drive in his convertible, this hat will please men with a sense of style. It won’t take long to crochet in Super Saver and you have a choice of over 140 colours!





Handmade Knitting Slippers

Cute, warm and useful. These handmade knitting slippers are very practical, not only for home but for travel as well. They can be folded flat. Especially, this Slipper gives a warm and soft comfort at the ankle for you Dad.
Besides, these slippers are knit in the round, starting from the toe up and incorporate a clever short-row heel. Quick to knit, they make excellent gifts for this Father’s Day.





This bold, striped tie is a great option for adding a touch of style to any outfit. This quick-to-knit, classically styled tie is sure to find its way to the office, church or anywhere a man wears a tie. Self-striping sock yarn does the work and you never have to change colours. With a variety of colours, the ties will match many shirts in his wardrobe, and it is an economical gift idea using less than one ball of yarn.





Knitted Coffee Cozy Gift

This adorable sock monkey coffee cozy is a great way to add a little personality to your Dad’s favourite cup of coffee! This knitted coffee cozy pattern will take only 15-20 minutes to make. Besides, this project will be the perfect last-minute gift for showing your special love to your Dad. Certainly, the colour options are endless.







BBQ Toolbelt Apron

If you have more time to knit your Dad a gift, this BBQ Toolbelt Apron is a beautiful option. Particularly, now just in time for BBQ season, this is a great project that men are sure to appreciate. This crochet gift project is from Sonya Blackstone. Crochet this novelty apron for Dad this Father’s Day, complete with mustard and ketchup too!





Wallet / iPod / Cell Phone / iPhone Case

This hand-crocheted pouch is the perfect size to give you optimum versatility. Use it to securely store your cell phone, cash/credit cards, iPod, or makeup. The natural padding of the crocheted stitches and the button closure will aid in protecting items that are easily broken when floating around a purse. Again, they are perfect Father’s Day gift.







Reading Rest

If your lovely Dad likes to knit and read at the same time, this contraption will hold his Kindle or iPad steady for you. It is quick to knit and only uses about 30g of DK weight yarn. The pyramid-shaped rest is stuffed with a bean bag and a little toy stuffing while the device is held in place by a length of wooden dowel.






Frog Bookmark

Need a suitable gift for Dads who enjoy reading? Time to whip up this frog bookmark crochet pattern which is also a perfect gift! Super easy, super quick and super adorable! It can be crocheted quickly with self-striping yarn and when he uses it he’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.






Sharp Pinnacle Plus Set

Particularly, If your Dad likes knitting, why not treat her to this Sharp Pinnacle Plus Set from HiyaHiya. This set is perfect for any fan of interchangeable knitting and this will tailor all your knitting needs, providing endless opportunities. This set contains 16 sets of HiyaHiya Sharp Stainless-Steel Interchangeable Tips, with Cables and accessories, all wrapped up in a beautiful brocade storage case. Also, a great gift item for this Father’s Day.