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Not Your Grandma’s House Knitting Slippers

It’s getting cold recently and wearing house knitting slipper is the best way to keep your feet warm and cozy. The patterns in this week’s selection will bring a sense of relaxation and fashion to everyone in your family. Your toes will fall in love with these designs for house knitting slippers which are cosy, quick, and trendy.


Knitting Slippers For Her

These cosy knitting slippers with roses are an excellent project for your family, guests, and gifts. Plus, these house slippers are easy beginner-friendly patterns that you will love. It is also good to practice your knitting skills and a wonderful project for the HiyaHiya 6mm Steel Interchangeable Tips. The best part is, they are super easy and addicting to make!


Frog House Slippers

“Who needs a prince when you have frog slippers in super-soft pom-pom yarn?”  These adorable frog slippers are a fun way to keep yourself and your whole family warm and cosy. Great for adults, teenagers, and children with 7 sizes included. Slippers are worked mostly in the round with very minimal seaming on the sole and no ugly seam up the back. Create this pattern by Brenda K. B. Anderson to add fairy tale memories of your childhood to your interior.


Siberian Slippers

These house slippers are very pleasant to wear, easy to knit and to customise. When the sole or the heel gets worn out,  they are very easy to replace, and if the slipper is outgrown it is not hard at all to make it larger. Besides, the colours pop out with the use of heart design.

Particularly, the designer also suggested knitting this pattern on two straight needles.



Ruby Red Ballerina Slippers

These cute slippers make the perfect indoor knitting slippers and are deceptively simple to knit. These slippers are worked entirely on straight needles and a great project to strengthen your knitting skills. In addition, this is the perfect knitting pattern to make as a gift since the colour can be changed and customised to match the person you are making them for.


Adult Teddy Bear Slipper Boots

This is Christine Grant’s Teddy Bear Slipper Boot knitting pattern. These fantastic booties are really quick and easy to make yet the end result is stunning. They are worked flat in super chunky yarn on 6 mm needles so only take a matter of hours to complete. In addition, this knitting pattern provides full instructions for 4 adult sizes and there are lots of photos to help you throughout your project.


Elven Slippers

What should one wear while dancing amongst trees in a golden wood? What covers the feet of elves? Surely, they would appreciate these silky slippers, covered in leaves and laced with vines.

These pretty and playful slippers knit up super-quick, and take less than one 50g ball of sock yarn – a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a little luxury. Knit them in silk or cashmere, or a lush hand-dyed yarn you’ve had your eye on. In addition, they can be worn with or without the laces, which have lace leaves at each tip.


Peas Slipper Socks

There are socks, and there are slippers, and then there are sock slippers. Not intended to be worn under shoes, sock slippers offer the best of both worlds. Their high tops keep drafts at bay, while their cosy feet stretch to fit as socks do. Try these in the depths of winter, to help you remember springtime in the garden.

These knitted projects are perfect to unlock your slipper knitting skills. You can just scroll down the page to the individual pattern you like and click on the link to that pattern. We hope this has given you lots of inspiration for your next lace project.  Finally, don’t forget to order your HiyaHiya needles for your next house slippers by clicking here.