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Jewellery Making Projects

Jewellery making – try an unusual way to create your adornments. These beautiful jewellery projects are either knitted or crocheted, each demonstrating an imaginative approach. These free knit jewellery patterns are all fun crafting gifts! Knit jewellery is great for any occasion, and it’s so easy to make.

By YoolaDesign

This design is original and unique for making puffy hearts by YoolaDesign. Create the heart for jewellery or similarly decorations. The wire crochet heart pendant has easy to follow step by step instructions therefore you do not require any previous knowledge. Go to the website to find all the patterns.

By Susan Lowman

Susan Lowman’s “faux” tatted jewellery set looks like it’s tatted, but it’s crocheted. Try the pattern which includes step-by-step photos and a crochet symbol chart of the necklace. Note that the pattern is in US/American crochet terms. The necklace, bracelet and earrings can be made to suite your favourite outfit, for instance choose the crochet thread colour, button and bead style, or charms. No clasp is required on the necklace, it is made in one long piece, therefore allowing it to slip over your head. The bracelet is made flat with a button used as a clasp. Above all, you’ll get many compliments wearing this one of a kind jewellery set.

By Jennifer E. Ryan

Try something different for your next project and create this elegant Tiramisu Pearls necklace by Jennifer E. Ryan. To make this piece of jewellery you will need glass beads and metallic thread. The necklace has the look of real pearls and antique silver. In conclusion stand out with this beautiful piece.

By Crochet- atelier

This beaded necklace is by Crochet–atelier. It is easy to put on with the elastic thread, therefore fits on your neck perfectly. The black and white beads are very striking contrast, alternatively you may consider a different colour way and bead size to match your jewellery style.

By Knit Collage

Jump start your spring knitting with these pretty necklace patterns. They are such a creative and beautiful way to use Knit Collage cotton Wildflower yarns. The pattern show how to make two i-cord necklaces. The first jewellery design is a a simple braid and after that the second is a sailor knot.

By Ohmay Designs

This beautiful flower neckwear by Ohmay Designs, was inspired during the summer months. This jewellery is not heavy to wear during the warm weather because it is made from cotton. There is crocheting involved in making this lariat, however if you prefer knitting, substitute the crochet neck cord with an I-cord.

By Kelly Mac

Fun and very easy to make, this knitted wire beaded bracelet designed by Kelly Mac. You will need 10 yards of wire, about 15 beads, stones or charms. It goes on and fits easily by using the magnetic closure. Very basic knitting skills are required, in conclusion you will want to make several pieces of this jewellery!

By Mamta Motiyani

Looking for an unusual and cool crochet pattern? This miniature crochet saxophone is by Mamta Motiyani. The piece is especially made for jazz music lovers. Mamta love Jazz music and Kenny G, a tribute to both the music and the artists. The stitches used to make this crochet pattern are basic, however, due to the hook & yarn size, this project is only recommended for experienced/ advanced crocheters. If your basics are polished and you are confident that you can make this pattern, then there is no stopping you!

By Jennifer E. Ryan

Another inspirational pattern by Jennifer E. Ryan. A bold design that can dress up a simple garment hence a more special look. It looks stunning for both day and similarly, evening wear. Why not make this design to create winter sparkle!

By Joyce Goodman

To finish, a beautiful light weight piece by Joyce Goodman. The bracelet is knitted with three strands of fine wire as one, giving a lovely delicate design. Why not give this a try, we think you will love the result. The pattern is suitable for advance beginners.

We hope you enjoyed our blog and above all it has given you inspiration for your next project.


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