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Knit & Crochet your Own Farm

Perfect book for anyone who likes farm animals and wants to knit one!  It contains 9 patterns for animals such as sheep, cows, piglets, farm cats and sheep dogs.  Lovely patterns in a variety of yarns, although any oddments would do. Knit and Crochet your own farm or just a one off piece, take inspiration from these creative projects.

By Linda Dawkins

For your next project why not create this very cute Clover the cow by Linda Dawkins. She measures: 5.5 inches from hoof to horn tip and 7.5 inches from snout to tail. You will need 4mm needles to knit this one piece and flat pattern. It has increasing, decreasing and I-cords. The eyes and snout are needle felted on with a felting needle. Create the knitted black spots separate and sewn on once stuffed.

By Susan B. Anderson

Farms always have a dog or two running around to keep things in order. Take a look at this pattern from Susan B Anderson. Have fun creating this project and as a result gain a silly dog with a big presence for yourself!

By The C’s of Life

What a fun set of crochet animals by The C’s of life. These patterns includes 3 PDF files, one each for Hyero the Horse, Corina the Cow, Gentry the Goat, however you make like to start with one. The animals will be about 13 inches tall when completed. Please note they’re available paid or free.

By Megan Kreiner

No self-respecting yarn farmer could be without her flock of woolly friends! How about making a crochet set for yourself? Give your sheep and lambs all kinds of fun-looking wool coats by crocheting different yarns directly to the surface of the animals bodies for instance use thickly textured of fluffy choices .

By Wendy Phillips

…..in addition, how cute are these sheep too, why not knit a mini flock for yourself? Again, use different yarns, as a result creating different textures and mix of colours. Above all enjoy knitting these lovely sheep for you or for a gift.

By Jen Mitchell – Nella’s Cottage

These six farm animals are by Jen Mitchell. Each creature works up to be about seven inches tall. Try creating one, then after that you may not want to stop! The applique patterns are fully detailed with step-by-step instructions for you to follow, in addition photos are available.

By Accessorize This Designs

Make your very own Billy the Goat. Billy is adorable, fun and huggable. The cuddle buddies are designed  by Accessorize This Designs. You will need Premier Parfait yarn for approximately 21 inches of extra soft snuggles. Similarly use your favourite worsted weight yarn for slightly smaller version.

By Lucie Sinkler

Have fun creating these puppets. The patterns are by Lucie Sinkler, the instructions are for duck, cow, pig, horse and farmer puppets. In addition, if you are using yarns other than worsted weight, such as Baby Ull, work with 2 strands held together as 1 throughout. If you are working with worsted weight yarn, use single strand. In conclusion, enjoy making this little farm!

By Jessica Boyer

Country critters make cute collectables or playtime pals. Designed by Jessica Boyer, this adorable chicken design is an easy skill level. It is stuffed with polyester fibrefill and safety eyes are used therefore making the toys suitable for infants and young children. You could embroider the eyes as an alternative. Children of all ages (or anyone who is a kid at heart) will love these animals! Find more patterns Leisure Arts.


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