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It Is The Season For Knitted Summer Shawl


Wearing a knitted shawl in summer sounds like a perfect way to keep you eye-catching and stylish. Besides, even the hottest summer days can turn into chilly nights, a shawl can wrap you up in, and keep you warm all the time. This summer, cover your shoulders and stay comfortable with these summer shawls in this week’s collection. You’ll find your next knitting pieces for your wardrobe with us.




Asymmetrical Shawl

Make an easy garter stitch knitted shawl which works increases at the outer edges and decreases in the middle to create a beautiful asymmetrical design. Caron x Pantone gives you the ability to make this shawl with 5 different shades, including a neutral in between colour changes to emphasise the asymmetry.





Knitted Summer Shawl

The summer knitted shawl is a must-have accessory for summer days! The adorable colour gradient of Tahiti comes through the great pattern mix particularly well. The fringes give this accessory that certain something and the colour gradient “pool” already makes you think of summer and sea. Whether on vacation, by a walk in the city or when you just relaxing at your garden, here you have already found the perfect companion that you would prefer not to put off.






Kate’s Shawl

Princess Kate was spotted wearing a similar knitted shawl whilst pushing a grocery cart, and so inspired our designer to create this version for you. It looks great in green (like Kate’s) but please knit yours in whatever colour you fancy! Particularly, elegant yet easy to wear, this shawl will dress up jeans and elevate a dress for your night out.






Simply Stripey Shawl

This triangular summer knitted shawl design is great for mindless knitting, or if you have a limited amount of yarn. Every row is the same and you can easily stop knitting when 1) it is big enough or 2) you run out of yarn.
Premier Yarns Sweet Roll has 3 colours in each ball. In this design, the colours form broad stripes that get narrower as you work your way down to the lower edge of the shawl.







Simple Lace Triangle Shawl

This triangle knitted shawl wraps so comfortably around shoulders to accessorise a favourite formal dress or to dress up a t-shirt and jeans look. You may want more than one of these shawls in your wardrobe! Besides, this classic shawl is a perfect way to keep your shoulders warm in chilly rooms. The pattern is easy to stitch, and the stripe effect knits up beautifully.






Xcellent Shawl

A versatile, wear-anywhere shawl with pretty lace edge details. This crescent shape knitted shawl has twisted stitch details and is knit in one piece in worsted yarn. Sizes are given as wingspan by depth to the point at the centre back. The sample shown is the size Large.







Samantha’s Shawl

This summer knitted shawl features with simple lace pattern and tapered ends pattern which is a perfect way to show off your lace knitting skills. Besides, it is also a very simple and useful lace shawl is knitted in one piece from the bottom point, shaped by increasing at the row ends.






These knitted shawl are the perfect patterns in this season. You can just scroll down the page to the individual pattern you like and click on the link to that pattern. Particularly, now  is the perfect time to make your own HiyaHiya Interchangeable set!

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