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5 Perfect Knitting Patterns Featured in the Movies

For our knitting lovers, when we see knitting or knitting pattern featured in movies, it could be inspirational! Knitting is usually just a fleeting moment in most movies. So, this week we’ve got a little something for those who are considering Knitting as their hobby, at the same time, love movies. This week we talk about a few fabulous movies where we’ve spotted knitting. Besides, we also find some similar knitting patterns in theses movies.




This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and shows the working life of a Lister’s Knitting Adviser. The film contains footage of the woman in her office, helping customers in various wool shops and demonstrating how to knit. In featured picture in the film, the actor wear a orange colour top. Similarly,  we find you another crochet pattern orange tunic dress, and the designer is marifu6a. Besides, this pattern easy to follow, even for the beginners.




Holly Golightly is perhaps one of the more famous knitters on this list, thanks to this classic film. Some might say Holly is an emotional roller coaster throughout the movie, and she’s knitting a red cardigan in a scene where her old flame Paul arrives to visit her. The best part: she’s using what appears to be a light fixture to tame her yarn as it rolls off the skein! Also, there is red cardigan as the Holly’s in the movie, the designer is Lisa Gentry. This classic, no-fuss style is perfect for the high school student that wants to be in fashion without looking childish. The interesting pattern stitch adds texture and pockets are an added convenience. High-quality acrylic yarn will machine was beautifully.




Character Jean Lundegaard does what many of us love doing: watching television while knitting. In addition to Jean’s actual knitting, there are plenty of other knits, mostly in the form of sweaters and winter accessories, to drool over as you watch. Here are also accessories, like some fingerless mittens pattern ready for little dragons. Worked in crocodile stitch with a crochet rib deep wristband to keep little hands warm.




Have you ever wished that you could use magic to finish one of your knitting projects? That’s exactly what was happening the first time Harry Potter visited the Weasley home! See the magic knitting needles at work around 0:54 into the clip. Here is an easy single crochet Harry Potter scarf that can be done in any house colours of your choice. There are also instructions for a beanie to go with the scarf. Besides, the pattern is a double sided scarf knit in a slip stitch pattern to avoid knitting in the round.




This mockumentary-style movie follows several vampires around as they deal with everything from bad flatmates to ex-girlfriends. Deacon, one of the vampires, loves to knit. You’ll spot his impressive colorwork sweater at several points in the film, plus hear him occasionally talk about knitting scarves for his friends. we also have a similar sweater recommendation, and this sweater worked top-down. The yoke consists of segments of rib stitch with increases followed by classic raglan increases. Its construction allows you to try on the sweater as you progress, which is recommended to achieve the perfect length of body and sleeves.



The Lost Moment (1947)

The last one is my favourite one. In the movie, those double pointed needles look lethal in the hands of Susan Hayward, playing Tina, a psychotic character in cahoots with her co-star Robert Cummings to trick an old lady out of some old poetry.  If you would like to a perfect double pointed needles like Susan Hayward, you may would like to try our HiyaHiya Bamboo DPNs. These strong yet lightweight Bamboo Double Pointed Needles are perfect for small, circular knitting projects and enhance the overall knitting experience. This high quality, resin-injected bamboo offers exceptional strength with no warping or splintering over time. Furthermore, it is warm to the touch which is excellent for knitters with reduced dexterity.



If you would like to get these knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern. Still, don’t forget to watch a movie that features knitting!