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Unlock Your Lace Knitting Skills With These Best Patterns

Not sure about your next knitting project? Lace knitting can be so varied according to the different lace yarn and knitted skills. In this collection, we will share the best Lace patterns for free. Whether you’re just starting your journey or a seasoned lace knitter, now is the best time to deepen your skill and knowledge of knitting with these lace projects!


          Knitted Lace Bookmark

This is a knitted bookmark that is worked into a beautiful lace pattern. It is good to practice your knitting skills and a wonderful project for the HiyaHiya Interchangeable Sock Set. Particularly, it is a nice way to add a little romance to your reading.

Now, feel free to use one in your mystery novel or biography to treat yourself.





      Lace Chevrons Baby Blanket

This Lace baby blanket will be welcome at any baby shower. Particularly, this beautiful lace design features popular zigzag chevrons which are so popular in home decorating.

Let the lace pattern in and inspire your next creation!






           Soft Linen Lace Beret

Lace knitting pattern makes this hat look attractive, stylish, and extremely charming. This beret is a perfect accessory to your wardrobe or can become a cherished gift for someone special. Besides, this beret knitting pattern by Meg Kealey provides full details of how to knit and make up these lace stitches.






           Montavilla Market Tote

This bag is the perfect ecology accessory. Different colours are used in alternating rows to give a subtle colourful texture to the stitches. All colours are carried the whole way up the bag, so there are no ends to weave in or knots in the lace portion.






           Lace knitted Headband

This knitted headband is made using a really simple and nicely textured lace. The result is the perfect fall headband, and warm enough to keep away those summer night chills, while still being light enough not to seem like heavy Spring wear.






These knitted projects are perfect to unlock your knitting skills. You can just scroll down the page to the individual pattern you like and click on the link to that pattern. We hope this has given you lots of inspiration for your next lace project. There are no limits to your creativity.