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Knitted Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


Do you want to make your sweet Mammy feel special? Of course, you can treat her every day, but Mother’s Day is the time to spoil your Mum with something truly special! Why not buy her some luxury yarn, a new set of needles, or a handmade knitted gift. Do you need more inspiration for a knitted present? We’ve collected a handful of beautiful knitted gifts ideas to treat your Mum with a memorable day and unique gift!




Knitted Bouquet Bookmark Gift

The first knitted gift idea is from Katie, and this flower bookmark  a mother’s day gift for her Mum. By sending a Mother’s Day Bouquet bookmark instead of real flowers, she can use it all year round. Specifically,  every time she uses it, she’ll feel a little closer to her. That’s quite sweet!






Knitted Slippers Gift

This knitted slippers have been designed by Christine Marie Chen. These knitted slippers are in bright pretty colours and solve the cold feet problem for your lovely Mum. In particular, the designer used a multi-coloured yarn and trimmed them with a solid, but you can choose any colours your heart desires for your Mum!







Knitted Beret Gift

Hope everyone will enjoy this beret hat and choose it as a mother’s day knitted gift. It’s a easy and quick pattern that you can make year round just to show your sweet Mum how much you appreciate everything she does. You lovely Mum can also wear the hat pushed back on the head in modern slouchy beanie style.






                                       Knitted Cowl Gift

If you have more time to knit your Mum a gift, this cowl is a beautiful option. Twisted stitches and simple cables make up the pattern for this cowl from designer by Sandra Oakeshott. Moreover, she’ll be able to wear this cowl all year round as a wrap or even gathered up as a scarf.






Knitted Coffee Cozy Gift

This pattern is easy to follow and makes a perfect knitted gift for all coffee loving Mums. This knitted coffee cozy pattern will take only 15-20 minutes to make (maybe a bit more if you’re a beginner). Consequently, this project will be the perfect last minute gift for showing your special love to your Mum. certainly, the colour options are endless.




Seed Stitch knitted headband

For a gift that’s a little different, why not knit a beautiful a headband? This Seed Stitch knitted headband by Annanitato Lolo is a simple and cute headband to make for Mum. Use a soft, luxurious yarn to give this a special feeling. Certainly, this simple and absolutely adorable headband that can suit your lovely Mum.





HiyaHiya Accessory Set

If your sweet Mum like knitting and crochet, or if your Mum’s a seasoned knitter why not treat her to this beautiful accessory set from HiyaHiya. These sets offer a great range of selected products to fully optimise knitting and crochet. In addition, the accessories are presented in a Chinese brocade Accessory Case with a secure zip fastening. Furthermore, the case is available in assorted brocade designs and colours. If we know Mum, she’s a lady who knows what she likes – so why not leave it up to her to choose!



With about one weeks left before Mother’s Day, there’s still plenty of time left to prepare your special gift on this big day! Explore our wonderful range of knitted gift, and scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern. In particular, you could also find HiyaHiya needles and accessories by clicking Here which are perfect for creating this mother’s knitted gift, or just easily choose your mother’s day perfect gift from HiyaHiya!