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Netflix & Stitch – Toy Story

Time to pop your corn, cast on your yarn, and Netflix and stitch. This week’s edition will be Toy Story. Now is the moment to head back to your childhood and let your toys come to life!

Woody is everybody’s favourite cowboy and Andy’s best friend… until Buzz arrives. Even though you might grow tired and bored of this old toy, you will always have a friend in Woody, and if you crochet him yourself, then that’s a friend for an eternity.

Your crochet at this point has probably gone to infinity and beyond. Don’t let that make you become complacent though as there’s plenty of room for more amigurumi dolls for your collection. While this pattern for Buzz Lightyear is tiny, it sure knows how to fill the galaxy.

Everybody has pennies hiding under the seat or filling up the car pockets. Hamm offers a delightful service of holding onto your coins until you’re ready to splash the cash. Now you can save up for your next foray into your favourite yarn!

rex amigurumi toy story

Rex is terrifyingly adorable. If you need a new pal to go on some excellent adventures with, then this happy-go-lucky dinosaur will gladly come along with you. Crochet this delightful dino and ensure your next pattern is a long life friend.

This pattern is genius. The idea of crocheting two sides and combining them with a slinky to create our favourite toy dog is a master craft. Slinky is the perfect addition to your crochet collection and, quite frankly, a much needed challenge!

Toy Story is nothing without the aliens. Next time your indecisive of a pattern, choose this lovable creature. While Buzz might have dreams of space, this three-eyed doll has been in cruise control across the galaxy for a millennia.


Ready to let your amigurumi come to life? Create your own toy story and click here.