With the chilly winter weather making us feel a bit miserable, we decided to compile a list of the best sock patterns.

Amigurumi is becoming increasingly popular, a developing craft that is permeated and dependent on the emerging trends of popular culture.

Knitting might often seem a little female-orientated these days, but it hasn't always been.

HiyaHiya Europe has had the great pleasure of collaborating with the wonderful iknit2purl2.

A lot of the fun of learning to knit is also learning from your mistakes and how to fix them.

Over the past month we sent some of our favourite knitting and crochet bloggers a variety of our extremely popular HiyaHiya Crochet Hooks.

HiyaHiya recently collaborated with holly_pips where she did a delightful review of our Crochet Hooks for her blog.

HiyaHiya recently had the pleasure of speaking to Rachel (@amiguru.me) about her wonderful Amigurumi Creatures.

We came across Tiam's wonderful chunky knits on Instagram and since then we've been completely obsessed with her amazing creations.

Not only has knitting been viewed as an old-fashioned craft, but one that we only ever associate with old ladies!