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Seaside Bliss with Knitting and Crochet Patterns

From stormy seas to dreamy summer coastal days, here you will find exciting colours and textures amongst these selected seasides inspired knitting and crochet patterns.


The North Sea Hat & mittens

The North Sea is very stormy in Denmark and a wonderful inspiration for designing. The knitted North Sea Hat and fingerless mittens by Lone Kjeldsen reflect such influences. The warm and well-fitting hat is designed for a walk along the breezy coast. The matching finger-less gloves are perfect when collecting beautiful shells and pebbles. In conclusion, a perfect look and practical style for the beach.


Knitting Sea Shells Scarf

This beautiful fresh and breezy Sea Shells scarf by Alla Koval is perfect for a seaside walk just to keep the wind at bay. This crochet scarf can be made from any worsted plain or textured yarn, select the colours to suit your style. It is such a fun project to make, and a wonderful project for the HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hooks. It takes just a couple of hours to make from start to finish, therefore ready to wear the same day. A perfect gift idea too!



Knitting Sea Mood

Sea, sun, sand, summer! What could be better than the season of travel, beautiful weather, and wonderful new experiences! This Sea Mood cardigan will be indispensable for your little girl on the beach, similarly river or lake! Light, flowing, and stylish! The cardigan by Pelykh Natalie has been worked in one-piece bottom-up to the armhole level, shoulders have been joined using 3 needle bind off method. The bottom-up construction and the crochet edging, in conclusion, will make your knitting process easy and enjoyable to follow.


Knitting Sea Urchin Pillow

Make your own crochet Sea Urchin Pillow! This design by Annemarie Benthem works well in a bright and fresh contemporary interior. The blue colour reflects the light and the texture gives an inviting feel. In addition, why not make a set of Sea Urchin Pillows and introduce a range of coastal blues and sea grey colour yarns.


Stormy Seas Shawl

The Stormy Seas shawl is a half-circle design and knitted solely in garter stitch. It features the Sea Foam lace pattern illustrating the textures that could be whipped up by a storm. This pattern by La Visch Designs shows off wonderfully variegated and self-striping yarns with long to medium lengths of colour. Sea Foam lace uses multiple yarn overs which are dropped on the following row. Moreover, combined with the all-over garter stitch, it gives an airy, textured, reversible fabric.

While the sample of the Stormy Seas shawl was knitted in handspun yarn, alternatively it can be knitted with a commercial yarn. For a similar result use fingering or sport weight yarn. It can be made as small or large as you like, just knit until your yarn runs out. Find more designs @lavischdesigns on Facebook, @la_visch on Instagram.


Sea Urchin Shell

Sea Urchins are fascinating creatures with beautiful shells. This Sea Urchin Shell by Ginny Sturdy is knitted on two needles. It is worked in one piece and has a single seam to sew up. After that, the dots are embroidered french knots. The wool has been recommended because it gives a realistic result, however, there are other DK wools that would work well. In addition, a photo tutorial is available to help you of you require further help with this project.


Infinity Scarf Wind&Sea

by Sara Karls

This crochet Infinity Scarf by Sara Karls is perfect for walks on the beach and sailing. One size fits all which makes it a great gift for a special friend too. Other colour yarns are an option, however, for that sea breeze feel the blues work perfectly. In conclusion, wrap up warm with this beautiful scarf and enjoy your coastal activities.


We hope you enjoyed our blog and above all found inspiration towards your next project.


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