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Stitching Nightmares – Halloween

The countdown to the best day of the year has begun – Halloween. With every missed stitch that makes you shiver to every frayed yarn that makes you scream, HiyaHiya Direct has a Horror film for you that brings out the terror in your projects. This week’s thrill is Halloween.

Halloween is one of the greatest Horror movies of all time. The Slasher from 1978 would launch a franchise of its own, creating one of the greatest film antagonists, Michael Myers. The mask gives the psychopath a blank, unemotional persona, ensuring the horror of the situation is heightened to a surreal suspension.

Micheal Myers is an evil force that has gone loose. Unstoppable with super human strength and seemingly resilient to bullets, the psychopath is an uncontrollable menace that you wouldn’t want outside your window this Halloween. Dressed in a mechanic’s outfit that he killed for, he certainly isn’t at your door for a handful of candy.

A lot of unwanted guests may arrive on your doorstep this Halloween, and to help you scare them, there’s a Michael Myers blanket to keep you secure. This blanket is, quite frankly, terrifying with Michael Myers popping out from beneath the floor.

If Michael Myers isn’t terrifying enough, you can crochet the whole gang into a true stitching nightmare. Freddy Krueger and Jason join the villain from Halloween in a horrifying threesome of murderous intentions. With a wicked twist of fate, it seems you have been brought here to face your toughest amigurumi challenge yet.


Stitching a nightmare is quite the scary ordeal, but you’ve made it through to the finale and survived the horror of the moment. Now, to be sure you can keep the momentum going until Christmas, check out our full-range of knitting and crochet products by clicking here.