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Stitching Nightmares – It

The countdown to the best day of the year has begun – Halloween. With every missed stitch that makes you shiver to every frayed yarn that makes you scream, HiyaHiya Direct has a Horror film for you that brings out the terror in your projects. This week’s thrill is It.

What makes It so haunting is the antagonist, Pennywise, who is a malevolent entity that preys on children. The recreation of this entire scene is particularly terrifying, showcasing Tim Curry in all his glory back in 1990. If trick-or-treaters come to your door this Halloween, this will be your opportunity to give them the fright of their lives.

The portrayal of Pennywise by Bill Skarsgård becomes ever more so haunting. There’s a slightly goofy and yet sinisterly Mephestophelian appearance that brings dread into every thread. Perhaps it’s a fear of dolls or maybe just the ability of the crocheter, but this rendition of Pennywise is a particularly terrifying act.

Pennywise It crochet blanket

Going up the stairs in the dark sends a shiver down the spines of many people. Now thanks to this blanket, every creak in the floorboards will be enough to spook a grown man into submission. Clowns are one of those childish fears that never quite leave a person, and with them taking many different textile forms, there’s no escape this Halloween for us crafters!

boy from It

The poor boy that found himself against Pennywise. He might have had a raincoat to protect himself against the rain but there was nothing to prevent Pennywise from taking ahold. Sometimes a paper boat must face a storm, and with enough wind in it sails, it might fly through to the end.

Inspirations from It come in many forms. This shawl is no exception, with the colours inspired from Pennywise itself. With Halloween often overwhelming with spooks and ghouls, it’s nice to take a subtle approach sometimes to wind down from all the horrors.


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