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Stitching Nightmares – The Nightmare Before Christmas

The countdown to the best day of the year has begun – Halloween. With every missed stitch that makes you shiver to every frayed yarn that makes you scream, HiyaHiya Direct has a Horror film for you that brings out the terror in your projects. This week’s thrill is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t the most horrible of horrors, indeed, it probably isn’t a horror at at all. However, it’s a staple for the Halloween season and this Jack Skellington pattern is perfect to begin your amigurumi fun for the season.

Jack Skellington isn’t complete without his loyal sidekick, Zero. This adorable ghostly pooch will help keep the trick-or-treaters away so you can enjoy your knitting and crochet this season in peace. And if Zero doesn’t keep them away, well, this is Halloween, everybody make a scene…

Created by an evil scientist, there’s something off-putting about Sally. Stitched up by quite the clumsy hands, she hasn’t been made as tidily as your knitting skills would have. Forming a Halloween love story with Jack Skellington, she’s a major part of the complexity that makes The Nightmare Before Christmas such a fascinating animation, and as a consequence, a fascinating stitch!

Oogie Boogie, the great infestation himself. Stitched up like an amigurumi doll filled with worms, Oogie Boogie is a rather disturbing manifestation of what the horror genre used to be about, delivering a particularly frightening, stitching nightmare.

After all the ghouls and the creepy beasts this Halloween, you might find yourself needing to keep cosy while you watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. These Jack Skellington boots are perfect to keep your toes warm as the winter winds arrive before Christmas.


The nightmare of Christmas is getting closer by the day. To get past the first stitch, click here.