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Stylish Designs for Glove & Mitten Patterns

Feeling chilly? It’s that time of the year again when the days get colder and colder, and we all like to wrap up warm on the sofa with a nice warm drink. Or, we’ve got other perfect solution –get your needles moving by knitting something to keep you warm. In addition, we’ve found you five different creative designers with their stylish mitten patterns. Let us explore these absolutely free patterns and brighten up those grey winter days with colourful mittens, gloves, and mittens.

Barbara Gregory

These stylish mitten patterns are worked in Fair Isle-style stranded colour-work and the designer is Barbara Gregory The colour pattern is given in chart are worked in the round,  from cuff to tip. Besides, you could also choose from the larger or smaller chart and adjust size by the choice of needle size.

Alison Stewart-Guinee

The designer of this Fantastic Mittster Fox is Alison Stewart-Guinee, and Alison says her mitten are inspired by a character from the book, The Fantastic Mister Fox. These stylish mitten patterns are made in the round from cuff to fingertips. The top of the mitten is closed by knitting the front and back together, and the face is knitted from the mitten top and is folded over and sewn to the body. Embroider the eyes to avoid a chocking hazard for very little children.

Sybil R

These unique fingerless mittens by Sybil R are designed in short rows with dramatic cuffs and mutli-directional pattern. They are crocheted around the thumb which allows you to show off your variegated yarn to the best effect. Besides, when crocheting in the round, the structure of the finished piece looks different than when crocheting back and forth.

Not an Artist

The designer of this cute little stylish mittens for an infant is called not an artist, these could be a single piece beginning with the interior shell, which is then folded inside the outer shell before it is stuffed and sewn shut. Besides, the padding in the hand shape keeps babies’ hands nice and toasty warm, too!

Heather Mees

These finger-less mittens feature colour-work patterns, the designer is Heather Mees. These stylish mitten patterns are knit in the round with thumbs sticking out the side so each mitten fits on either hand. This a pair of mittens will be fit a young toddler with its simple, quick pattern. Particularly, toddlers will love being able to put these on all by themselves! Heather also recommend making three mittens to give to toddlers – they like to lose things.

To get the knitting patterns, scroll down the page to the individual pattern you want and click on the link to that pattern, and you could also Find HiyaHiya knitting needles to knit by clicking Here