Bamboo DPN Set

The Bamboo DPN Set is ideal for knitters who love using Double Pointed Needles, this set provides all the tools they will need for all their knitting projects.

This high quality, resin-injected bamboo offers exceptional strength with no warping or splintering over time. Furthermore, it is warm to the touch which is excellent for knitters with reduced dexterity. This stylish and handy set contains the most useful Double Pointed Needle sizes in bamboo, all presented in an attractive brocade case.

The Bamboo DPN Set contains the following:

1 x 6" 2.25mm Bamboo DPNs
1 x 6" 2.50mm Bamboo DPNs
1 x 6" 2.75mm Bamboo DPNs
1 x 6" 3.50mm Bamboo DPNs

1 x DPN set

The Double Pointed Needles are presented in a cotton-lined, Chinese brocade DPN case, which is available in assorted brocade designs and colours.

Colours and brocade designs supplied will vary.

We have developed a conversion chart for the measurements of needles and crochet hooks, it can be found here.

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£40.49 (115 g)


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