Limited Edition: Dumpling Case and Colour Locking Stitch Markers Set

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The HiyaHiya Dumpling Case is perfect for storing those favourite notions. 

The sturdy Dumpling Case is made of beautiful brocade and lined with a golden silk, making it a truly luxurious place to store accessories and stitch markers.

The Dumpling Case itself measures 8cm wide, 5cm deep and 5cm high.

Tucked inside are 10 Colour Locking Stitch Markers, which are great for marking stitches and come in a popular and fun design.

Colours and designs may vary. To choose a colour for the dumpling case, leave a note on your order before paying. This will be subject to availability. 

£6.99 (19 g)

1 review for Limited Edition: Dumpling Case and Colour Locking Stitch Markers Set

  1. Bianca Mitchell (verified owner)

    Beautiful elegant fabrics and the included soft(ish) plastic locking stitch markers are robust enough to stay close but flexible enough to open-place-close with one hand – I have dozens of these now and have yet to break one (unlike other more brittle brands). The dumpling holds about 25 locking stitch markers. Easy to open with one hand but I did find I needed to mark the opening as a fail-proof visual clue to avoid spilling out my markers squeezing the dumpling in the wrong place. Like edible dumplings, these are addictive, I plan to buy at least two more.

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