Sharp Flyers

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Two of the needles are used to hold the stitches of your sock, while the third is used to knit with. Because there are less needle transitions, knitting with the HiyaHiya Flyers will be quick and smooth in comparison to other needles.

Our flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high quality stainless steel sharp tips to offer strength, with a hollow construction for a lovely lightweight feel. The tapered point of the sharp tip is ideal for intricate stitch patterns.

1 review for Sharp Flyers

  1. Davide Campagnol

    I am using them right now to knit socks. They are unbelieveble good. the tips are sharp, very useful for lace pattern and the cable is not that rigid and contains all stitches. No step between cable and tips. The stitches slide smoothly from the cable to the tip. I am really satisfied. In my opinion the best brand ever for knitting needles.

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